Andrew Chakrabarty

Employment Law & Investigations


  • Unfair dismissals
  • General protections
  • Workplace misconduct

Andrew brings a rich experience in the areas of litigation and administrative law to the team at BAL Lawyers. He has a keen interest in matters involving unfair dismissal, adverse action and workplace discrimination as well as a good working knowledge of public sector procedures, industrial awards and Code of Conduct matters. 

Andrew draws on his experience in cost litigation to manage costs for his clients; he is results-driven yet fee-aware, communicating regularly and transparently with his clients. Andrew maintains good rapport with his clients, for whom he is known to go the ‘extra mile’.

Andrew obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and Law from the College of Law, Christ University in Bangalore, India and went on to complete a Juris Doctor.  He actively involves himself in Canberra’s legal community as a member of the ACT Law Society Young Lawyers Committee and the Asian Australian Lawyers Association (ACT).  Andrew joined BAL Lawyers in January 2021.

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