Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation

If you have suffered an personal injury or an injury at work, you might feel like you’re in a bad position and that your employer may be unhappy with you if you lodge a compensation claim. This is rarely the case, as employers have insurance to cover these types of events. Equally, if you have suffered an injury due the negligence of another person, for example in a motor vehicle accident, your claim will in most cases go to an insurer.

Whether the injury occurred at work, or elsewhere, the first step is to promptly give notice of your claim and get a medical certificate. If the injury is likely to be ongoing, or lead to time off work, speak to a lawyer to find out exactly what your rights are.

Bradley Allen Love can assist with all of the steps of personal injury and workers compensation cases.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Workers’ compensation and comcare claims
  • Public liability claims
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical and dental negligence
  • Insurance litigation
  • Dust diseases

If you have been effected by workers’ compensation or a personal injury, please contact us.