For Corporate Services Directors and Governance Managers, trying to keep track of delegations for Council is a painful but necessary task, required by State and Federal Legislation.

Though Delegation Instruments have been computerised for more than 20 years, many Councils continue to use a largely manual process with Excel Sheets and Word Documents.  This manual process makes the process painstakingly slow, inefficient and laborious, not only when Delegation Instruments change but every time new personnel join or titles change internally.

This is why Bradley Allen Love (BAL) Lawyers partnered with RelianSys® – Australia’s leading provider or automated governance solutions, to provide a fully-integrated web-based solution for Councils.  RelianSys® is not a fad, nor the ‘new kid on the block’ – in fact, it has been known and trusted by Councils, large and small, metropolitan and regional, for over ten years.

The partnership is open and transparent: BAL Lawyers uses it expertise in Local Government law to provide the legal content – delegation registers and legislative updates etc., while RelianSys® provides and supports the software solution.

The BAL – RelianSys® Delegations solution is easy to learn and simple to use, and streamlines your delegations by automating the process – saving time and improving efficiency. Because it is web-based, it can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  More importantly, the BAL – RelianSys® Delegations solution is designed specifically for the Local Government sector, by people who understand governance in Local Government, making it highly intuitive –it thinks the way you think.

The pricing model is very cost-effective – with all set up, updates, ongoing development, telephone training and support all included in one low-cost annual subscription.

More importantly, the solution simplifies the process, so it takes the stress and headaches out of managing delegations.

For a personal guided tour, please start a conversation with Dean Troth on 1300 793 905.