Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury

Employers and businesses are required by law to provide a primary duty of care to ensure that their workers are not exposed to a risk to their health and safety, and may be required to provide compensation when incidents occur. This duty is compulsory, and workplace laws prohibit employers taking adverse action against an employee who complains about, or seeks to enforce their rights in relation to the safety of their workplace.

How we can help:

Work Health and Safety law requires employers to provide a safe work environment, adequate facilities and protective equipment (where required), providing relevant training and ensuring steps are taken to stay up to date with Work Health and Safety compliance. At a minimum, the steps taken by an employer to document its safe working practices should include having comprehensive written policies in place. Our Employment Lawyers can provide you with policies regarding Work Health and Safety, bullying, discrimination and harassment, and representation in the event of workplace compensation claims.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Work Health and Safety policies
  • Bullying, discrimination and harassment
  • Social media policies
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Advice on Work Health and Safety compliance
  • Defence of general protection claims
  • Workplace investigations

Employment Policy Packages

Bradley Allen Love can help protect you and your company by providing a range of policies drafted by our team of employment law experts and customised to suit the individual workplace. We offer both particular policies (Work Health & Safety; Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination), and a complete policy suite aimed at safeguarding your organisation from numerous potential workplace issues.

Our employment packages are available here.

If you have a question about workers compensation and how it relates to you and your work place, please contact us.