Pro-bono Legal Assistance

BAL Lawyers are proud to assist the community through pro-bono legal assistance.

Examples of our pro-bono work are available below:

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Redgum Cleaning Co-operative Ltd

BAL recently assisted a group of enthusiastic and driven individuals to establish their cleaning business as an employee owned co-operative. The co-operative members are committed to providing high quality green cleaning services using ecologically-friendly and ethical practices while enjoying the values and benefits of a member owned business. The Redgum Cleaning Co-operative was registered in December 2017 and is getting ready to provide cleaning services to homes and offices around Melbourne, Victoria.

The co-operative structure was chosen by the members, as this type of legal structure supports the values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality, and concern for the community, each of which align with the members values and are enshrined within the Co-operatives National Law. The co-operative is committed to enabling the active participation of its members in governing own their workplace and helping its members improve their life circumstances through education, personal development and training.

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Redgum through the Business Council of Co-operatives & Mutuals, the national body representing the co-operative and mutual models of enterprise. BCCM promote and advocate for member owned businesses, providing education and leadership to encourage and grow the sector.

From our experience, and what is clear from working with Redgum, is that a key benefit of an employee owned co-operative is that employee owners deliver a higher quality of service as they are better engaged in all aspects of their business and can see the impact of their work, with improved employment conditions. You can visit the Redum Co-op on Facebook.

For more information about co-operatives see what you need to know about co-operatives and the BCCM website.

Litigation pro-bono work:

BAL recently assisted a client to resolve a matter at the earliest stage with the minimum of fuss.

Our client was starting up his small business. He had previously been employed in a similar franchised business and decided to go into the industry himself. His start up business was a significant family investment and he wanted to ensure that it was successful. He initially made the mistake of giving his business a similar name to that of the franchised name of his former employer. This brought him to the attention of the franchisor, who demanded that he change the name of his business.

Realising his error, the client changed his business name and proceeded with his business. Despite the change of business name, the franchisor then sued him for breach of a purported restraint of trade provision and also alleged that he was passing off his goods as though they were the franchisor’s goods.

After reviewing the claim, it was time to resolve the matter before the costs began to mount for either party.  After filing a defence that refuted each of the franchisor’s allegations, the client made a settlement offer to resolve the matter.

The settlement offer explained the client’s position and utterly dismantled each of the franchisor’s allegations. The franchisor accepted the offer. Fortunately, both parties are now able to put the matter behind them and get on with their respective business.

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