What penguins teach us about resilience at work

Penguins not only endure, but thrive in, some of the harshest environments on the planet – which is why they have a lot to teach us in terms of resilience at work, particularly in this time of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Today our host Genevieve Jacobs is joined by Susan Mann, a speaker, coach and people, strategy and culture consultant who specialises in professional and personal development programs. She has a huge passion for the natural world and she’s traveled with her husband to the most remote islands across the globe to see all 18 penguin species in the wild.

And he’s with us too, Charles Bergman is a writer, photographer and professor of English at the Pacific Lutheran University who pioneered nature literature and study abroad courses.

Some topics we cover:

  • The kinds of behaviours exhibited by penguins who hatch and raise their babies in the harshest conditions on the planet
  • Should managers be addressing the unprecedented levels of collective workplace stress with more urgency?
  • How psychological safety and connection can actually improve productivity
  • Small changes can effectively build workplace resilience
  • What has traditionally been deemed pointless – beauty, fun and play – can build resilience, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace

Resources we mention:

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