Wellbeing at work and why it matters

On today’s episode we work our way through a variety of practical, straightforward and real ideas to maintain wellbeing in the workplace. Our host Genevieve Jacobs takes a look into the growing challenge for HR managers in workplaces, which is helping employees maintain health and wellbeing in these tough times.

Our guests are Aaron and Khayt Williams of Mindstar who have a wealth of HR and clinical experience in building mentally healthy corporate cultures. Based on QLD’s Sunshine Coast, Mindstar has provided workplace wellbeing solutions for some of Australia’s key workplaces including Woolworths Group, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, BUPA and more.

Mindstar exists to make it easy for employees across Australia to connect with wellbeing resources, taking the approach of upskilling organizational leaders and HR managers in order to affect change.  Aaron observes that workplaces are getting much better more recently at understanding the needs of employees and how meeting these needs promotes high performance from a bedrock of wellbeing.

Topics we cover

  • COVID-19 has become a mental health marathon. What responsibility do managers have in making mental health a priority?
  • Competitiveness and high achievement are organisations’ goals of yesteryear. Psychological safety is the new paradigm in which workplaces operate for success and productivity.
  • How HR Managers can look after themselves and why they should.
  • Authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and compassion are the key traits of leadership that drive results in teams
  • Practical strategies for increasing wellbeing that can be used personally and professionally.

Resources we mention

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