Psychological Dimensions of Returning Employees to Work after a Crisis

Traditionally, the ability to work from home as been viewed as something of a luxury, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, reports are emerging of high levels of psychological distress among employees working from home.

Today our host James Judge is joined  by Dr Melanie Irons, Senior Consultant at Steople (formerly known as Peoplescape), who explains some of the psychological dimensions at play, bringing her knowledge of crisis communication to the situation in which we now – as a global community – find ourselves.

Dr Irons explains that rapid change and ambiguity are characteristic of emergency situations.  But how can employers provide certainty, flexibility and transparency within the wash of constant flux?

Topics we covered

  • How workloads and work-life boundaries have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What are the psycho-social hazards of working at home, and how can managers help employees cope with them?
  • How the online work environment differs and how the human person is affected
  • Government, private sector and emergency services agencies are responding differently to the crisis
  • Creating a workplace culture where addressing mental wellbeing is acceptable and even a norm.

Resources we mentioned

Mental Health Resources we mentioned

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