Free Speech and Whistle Blowers: An Update

Today’s episode revisits the issue of free speech in the workplace. This follows the recent outcome of the Michaela Banerji case in the High Court, which has made plenty of people question whether they can say what they want without losing their jobs, and under what circumstances they might. 

The internet age now offers people around the world the opportunity to express their views on issues affecting the world around them at any time. What happens if those views are at odds with their employer?

Kieran Pender, journalist and visiting fellow at the ANU College of Law, joins us to discuss the path of this case into the High Court, the legal principles surrounding it and whether we are any closer to understanding the implications of its ruling on future cases.

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Some topics we cover:

  • Australians don’t have a constitutional guarantee to free speech.
  • Public servants and their right to free speech and the nuances associated with this
  • If the recent ruling of the Michaela Banerji case has provided clarity on whether public servants should express their political views on platforms such as Twitter if they are critical of the current government
  • Was Banerji just an extreme case?
  • As a result of this case, what are the implications for future cases in the internet age?

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