Dispute resolution

BAL’s dedicated Litigation and Dispute Resolution team is experienced in matters in all courts and tribunals, up to and including the High Court of Australia. Whether it is a small debt recovery matter, an administrative merits review, or a highly complex commercial dispute, we have the experience and expertise to deal with it.

We provide sound, cost-effective solutions through the delivery of strategic, considered and frank practical legal advice and solutions. Our lawyers are familiar with all common forms of alternative dispute resolution, including conciliation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and expert determination and will recommend the most appropriate use of these options throughout the course of a dispute.

Where a dispute cannot be avoided or resolved through alternative dispute resolution, we have the experience and expertise to advise and navigate clients through the conduct of court proceedings.  We see our role as not only advising you through the process, though minimising the emotional burden on you also.

Building and Construction

Disputes and problems often arise during building and construction projects.  We act for property owners dealing with common issues, including claims under the Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009.  These can also include variations to contracts, disputes over time-frames, and payment and workmanship or warranty issues, to name a few.

Strict time limits can apply for claims under ACT & NSW legislation, so it is important you act quickly.  Our team of expert, knowledgeable lawyers can help you understand your rights and give you practical and efficient legal steps, tailored to your individual circumstances.

Leasing disputes

Whether it is a home, a place of work or an investment, property is an important facet of our daily lives. Despite best intentions, disputes may still arise at any stage of the leasing process – from pre-leasing negotiations to terminations and beyond.

We specialise in commercial leasing matters, acting for landlords and tenants alike. Common issues that you may face could include lease terminations and evictions, disputes over defects and damage, unpaid rent and relief against forfeiture.  Our experienced team can advise on the best course of action, whether it is through alternative dispute resolution methods or legal processes including courts and tribunals.

Human Rights

Human rights laws in Australia seek to uphold the basic human rights that we are all entitled to.  In recent years, the courts have increasingly awarded higher compensation of damages for human rights claims – essentially recognising the increased importance in our society of the rights of individuals.

If you consider you have been discriminated against, or your human rights have otherwise somehow been compromised, or if you are the recipient of such a claim against you, our lawyers are experienced in navigating such claims through each of the Human Rights Commission, ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and state and federal courts.

Your Consumer rights

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have automatic protections in place when purchasing goods and services. These protections include guarantees that the product will be of acceptable quality, will be safe and free from defects, will match its description and will be fit for any disclosed purpose. Unfortunately, manufacturers and suppliers do not always comply with their obligations, which can leave you in a difficult position and uncertain of your rights.

We regularly advise on consumer claims, ranging from defective good claims (often acting in “lemon car” matters) to misleading and deceptive conduct claims. We can help you navigate your rights under the Australian Consumer Law to resolve consumer disputes, whether by repair, replacement or refund. We can also advise on your rights to compensation.

Deceased Estate disputes

We all have the right to decide what happens to our property and assets after we die.  That said, disputes often arise between family members and other beneficiaries at this difficult time.

Our highly experienced team works with tenacity and compassion, to advise on your rights against an estate, conflicts between executors and beneficiaries and defending or making a family provision claim.

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