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October 2021: Vaccinations and what’s hot in Employment Law right now

To celebrate the Breakfast Club’s 5th birthday, Legal Director Gabrielle Sullivan and Law Clerk Madeleine Castles facilitated a FAQ style session to discuss vaccinations, returning to work, and other topical employment law matters.

Gabrielle and Madeleine provided guidance, and tackled questions such as:

  • What will a return to work look like in the ACT?
  • Is it lawful and reasonable to direct an employee to be vaccinated?
  • What exactly is a medical contraindication and how do I know if someone is exempt?
  • What is the deal with religious exemptions?

The theoretical question of ‘will we mandate vaccines?’ is now very much a reality, and with employees reentering the workforce it is critical that employers protect themselves and their staff in the COVID-19 world.

To discuss your workplace needs or staffing issues surrounding mandatory vaccines, or to purchase our Mandatory Vaccines Compendium, the Employment Law and Investigations Team are available to help.

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