Our lawyers have significant professional experience and understanding of how co-operatives work, enabling them to deliver commercial strategies and alternative options in business structuring and general business activities. Co-operatives are organisations that are owned, controlled and used by their members primarily for the mutual economic, social or cultural benefit of those members. The model is designed so that each member is treated fairly and has equal opportunity to participate in the running of the business. The values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality and equity are lived through the co-operative model.

We have been working with co-operatives for many years – helping establish new co-operatives, advising on the co-operative structure and member rights, and advising on the introduction and application of the Co-operatives National Law. We have facilitated several workshops with the Business Council of Co-operatives & Mutuals and other organisations to existing and potential co-operatives on the model, the benefits of a collective and coordinated impact in business, and the role of collaborative decision-making.

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