Business Lifecycle

Whether you are establishing a new business, ensuring compliance with complex regulations or responding to a corporate crisis, BAL Lawyers can partner with you.

Our Business and Corporate Lawyers have significant professional experience and an understanding of how businesses work, which enables us to deliver commercial strategies and alternative options in business structuring and general business activities. We work with your taxation and accounting advisors to ensure your business is established in the most practical, cost and tax effective manner for you and your business partners.

We can assist in all aspects of establishment from advice on available options, preparation of the ownership documents, advice on minimising the risks of dispute between owners, creating practical succession plans, advising on governance and directors’ duties, all while ensuring that the value of the business can be realised in the future.

Establishing a business

How you set up your business matters.  It will impact your ability to realise your investment because different structures come with different risks and processes for ending the business. It will also define the liability you face, the tax consequences or tax relief you are entitled to and will also define your rights and obligations to your business partners for years to come. As a business owner, you must choose your form of enterprise carefully. When deciding what structure is right for you, you should also be considering the size of the business, your risk appetite, the purpose of the business, the requirements for capital and the anticipated lifetime of the business.

At BAL we work closely with accounting and taxation professionals to ensure the right structure is chosen for each business, and for each stage of a business – remembering that the structure of the business can (and might need to) change as it grows.

Ownership & Structuring

Selecting the right structure for your business in its early stages and at critical growth moments defines how it will run in the future.  In the same way that focusing on building momentum, driving demand for your goods and services, create business plans and marketing strategies paves the future of your operations, so does a clearly defined ownership structure.

Our Business & Corporate lawyers have significant experience working with a range of different ownership structures including partnerships, trusts joint ventures, companies, not-for-profits, co-operatives and mutuals. We create ownership documents that provide fairness and transparency to you as the business owner, which provide dispute resolution mechanisms if relationships break down, and which allow your investment to be realised.


Have you considered the potential benefits of setting up a trust to manage your business’s income?  There are different types of trusts that minimize tax and provide other benefits to you and those you pool your income with.  There are many types of trusts that provide different benefits to businesses, individuals and families, including:

  • Discretionary trusts; and
  • Unit trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Special disability trusts

At BAL we will work with you to ensure your desired trust structure protects your business assets while creating an ownership documents that provide clear direction to the trustee, and fairness and transparency to the business owners.

Corporate Governance

Robust corporate governance practices are a crucial requirement for any business, ensuring compliance with fundamental legal obligations and facilitating effective management and oversight of business operations.

Our Business & Corporate lawyers have extensive experience and broad expertise across the full range of corporate governance matters. We have advised businesses of all sizes, including the boards and executive management teams of many public and proprietary companies. Our expertise and experience puts us in good stead to help your business meet its legal and regulatory obligations and ensure your core duties to your members are carried out effectively.

Succession planning

Would your business be ready to deal with the resignation, retirement, illness or death of a party in the business? Every business should have a business succession plan to ensure that unforeseen circumstances do not spell the end of the road for your business.  Putting the right structures and mechanisms are not in place then the retirement, illness or death of a party can avoid disastrous impacts.

A business succession plan involves business owners and other interested parties agreeing on a strategy for the smooth transition through changes in circumstances. It provides a level of certainty for stakeholders and their families and minimises the potential for conflict and overall disruption. Our dedicated team will work with you to develop a business succession plan that is realistic and achievable.

Insolvency & restructuring

Our Business and Corporate lawyers work together with a variety of Insolvency Practitioners to ensure that our collective technical expertise and commercial insight are utilised to prevent risk and to assist businesses to actively manage the risk of insolvency.  We can assist you in managing your business’s solvency including terms of trade, credit applications, personal guarantees and security documents, and advice on enforcement action against potentially insolvent creditors.

We have built solid working relationships with liquidators, administrators and receivers and work collaboratively with such advisers to ensure you receive well considered solutions. We can advise on your duties as a director and the options available if your business is at risk of insolvency.

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