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August 2023: Flexible work arrangements: the dangers of refusing a reasonable request

July 2023: How to Recover Employee Debts – Can it be done?

June 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Scans, Spams and More: Why Good Workplace IT Policies Are Important

May 2023: Working Hours Update: What additional hours are considered ‘reasonable’ and ‘safe’?

April 2023: Key insights into employment law and the HR landscape of the past year

March 2023: Respect at Work Reforms: What does it mean for your organisation?

February 2023: Enterprise Agreements and bargaining for them – what is changing?

November: Industrial Relations Wrap Up 2022

October: Termination and ACT Workers Compensation: Your questions answered

September 2022: Underpayment and Wage Compliance – Getting it right

August: Back to Basics: Recruitment and References

July 2022: Back to Basics: Redundancy

May 2022: April 2022: Employees, Casuals, Labour Hire and Independent Contractors

April 2022: Back to Basics: Managing Staff Conflict

March 2022: Back to Basics: Employees and Probation

February 2022: Back to Basics: Sexual Harassment

November 2021: Vaccinations and what’s hot in Employment Law right now: Session Two

October 2021: Vaccinations and what’s hot in Employment Law right now.

July 2021: What workers want, with Lisa Keeling.

June 2021:  Tame the Beast:  Getting the Upper Hand in General Protections Claims. 

May 2021:  Trouble in Paradise? Handling Misconduct. 

April 2021: Redundancies – All HR Managers need to know (and are too afraid to ask!).  

March 2021: Victim Blaming, Fear and Shades of Grey: Sexual Harassment

February 2021:  Mandatory Vaccinations and the Future of working from home.  

December 2020:  The best of the worst employee social media posts 

November 2020: How casual can we be?

October 2020:  Cyber Security and Privacy. 

September 2020: Workplace Sexual Harassment – Recent Developments.  

August 2020:  Domestic Violence and Working from Home. 

July 2020:  Workplace Flexibility. 

June 2020: Mental Health Policies in practice.  


December 2020:  BAL Christmas Special: The best of the worst employee social media posts.  Watch here.

October 2020:  Cyber Security and Privacy in the Workplace – with Anna Phillips and Riley Berry.  Watch here.

September 2020: Workplace Sexual Harassment – with Kieran Pender.  Watch here.

August 2020: Domestic Violence & Working from Home – with John Wilson.  Watch here.

July 2020:  Workplace Flexibility – with Helen Parrett & Rebecca Richardson.  Watch here.

June 2020:  Mental Health policies in practice – with Aaron Williams & Gabrielle Sullivan.  Watch here.

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