Protect Your Business: Employment Policy Packages

Bradley Allen Love Lawyers can help protect you and your company by providing a range of policies and policy packages drafted by our team of employment law experts and customised to suit the individual workplace.

Drafting workplace policies can be challenging. They need to comply with a diverse range of legislation, should be directive to employees yet not contractually binding on employers, and may have to withstand judicial scrutiny if relied upon in a workplace dispute.

The cost of poorly worded policies has increased significantly following recent court decisions. In Richardson v Oracle, the employer was found vicariously liable for an employee’s sexual harassment of a colleague. The judge held that Oracle’s policies were not sufficient to provide a ‘reasonable steps’ defence, and awarded damages of $130,000. In another case, an employee subjected to persistent sexual harassment from her manager received $733,723 in compensation.

To assist organisations protect themselves from these risks, Bradley Allen Love has drafted customisable policies aimed at fulfilling legal requirements and explaining the obligations of employers and employees.

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy ($750 inc GST)

Designed to be compliant with a range of legislation,this policy forms an essential part of a prospective ‘reasonable steps’ defence against vicarious liability for sexual harassment. It explains the legal responsibilities of employees, and outlines what constitutes bullying, sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination. It also includes clauses on complaints procedures, privacy and disciplinary sanctions.

Work Health and Safety Policy ($750 inc GST)

Drafted to meet obligations arising under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Workers Compensation Act 1951, this policy aims to foster a safe workplace and provide protection from liability when incidents occur. It describes the relevant responsibilities, includes work safety concern and inspection templates, and highlights the duty to notify of incidents obligation. It also provides for the creation of a workplace health and safety committee – the most practical way to satisfy the consultation requirement.

Complete Workplace Policies Suite ($2,500 inc GST)

Bradley Allen Love Lawyers can provide an extensive suite of legislatively compliant policies. Aimed at protecting your organisation from a range of potential workplace issues, the suite includes:

  • Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy;
  • Work Health & Safety Policy;
  • Social Media Policy;
  • Information Technology & Confidentiality Policy;
  • Underperformance & Misconduct Policy; and
  • Grievance Resolution Policy.

To talk about the policies that will best suit your business, or to order a package, please call us on 02 6274 0842.