Employment Policy Packages

Bradley Allen Love can help protect you and your company by providing a range of employment policy packages drafted by our team of employment law experts and customised to suit the individual workplace.

Drafting workplace policies can be challenging. They need to comply with a diverse range of legislation, should be directive to employees yet not contractually binding on employers, and may have to withstand judicial scrutiny if relied upon in a workplace dispute.

The cost of a poorly worded policy has increased significantly following recent court decisions. In Richardson v Oracle, the employer was found vicariously liable for an employee’s sexual harassment of a colleague. The judge held that Oracle’s policies were not sufficient to provide a ‘reasonable steps’ defence, and awarded damages of $130,000. In another case, an employee subjected to persistent sexual harassment from her manager received $733,723 in compensation.

To assist organisations protect themselves from these risks, Bradley Allen Love has drafted customisable policies aimed at fulfilling legal requirements and explaining the obligations of employers and employees.

Privacy Policy – $500 inc GST

On 12 March 2014 the Australian Privacy Principles entered into force, and were updated again on 22 February 2018. The Principles establish requirements for the way organisations collect, store and use an individual’s personal information.

This privacy policy outlines the way in which your company will manage personal information and other matters which must be disclosed to individuals under the Principles. The Policy applies to personal information individuals provide to the company, whether that information is provided under any agreement, at your premises, through your website, or through email, telephone or other communication with the company’s employees or agents.

The Privacy Policy outlines procedures to follow when dealing with collecting and managing personal information, including best practice approaches to dealing with a breach.

Grievance Resolution Policy – $500 inc GST

A grievance is a problem, concern or complaint that may arise when a staff member feels aggrieved about a matter associated with their employment conditions, a decision that has been made, the actions of a colleague or when a working relationship changes.

Workplace grievances can start out and small grievances, but if not managed or resolved at an early stage, can result in a negative impact on the staff or company involved.

The Grievance Resolution Policy outlines procedures to follow when dealing with grievances, including best practice approaches to resolving conflict, and the recommended escalation methods that can be used to resolve the grievance.

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy – $750 inc GST

Being a HR manager, there will often be times you have to deal with employees not getting along. It is important to have a Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy in place, so when these issues arise, they can be dealt with swiftly, and without come back.

You may be dealing with employees complaining about being bullied, requests to be moved to different office locations, claims of unfair workloads and staff taking long breaks. Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination can also include conduct that is physical, verbal, written or delivered by way of electronic devices or social media platforms.

These situations can get out of hand very quickly if not dealt with swiftly.

Work Health and Safety WHS Policy – $750 inc GST

Every work place would like to believe they are providing a safe environment for their employees to work in. Unfortunately, that is not always a reality.

When courts are deciding whether workplace health and safety laws have been met, they may consider whether you’ve followed the approved codes of practice and Safety Regulations for your state or territory. These situations can have lasting impact on employees and on the business.

The BAL Work Health and Safety Policy covers topics relevant to the following Federal laws, depending on your location.

Social Media Policy – $500 inc GST

Social Media are defined as interactive platforms where content is created, distributed and shared by individuals on the internet. Social media include (but are not limited to) websites, networking sites such as LinkedIn, instant messaging and communication sites such as Skype and AIM, video sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo and Clipfish; document and content sharing sites such as Google text and drop box, blog platforms and blog communities, forums, location based services such as foursquare, question and answer sites, livestream feeds, and social networks such as Facebook.

The Social Media Policy applies to all employees of the Company and covers the sites and services relevant to your business.

IT & Confidentiality Policy – $500 inc GST

Having an Information Technology and Confidentiality Policy in place means Employers and Employees are on the same page about their rights and responsibilities for using company IT facilities, and dealing with confidential information.

The policy covers how the Company may operate and monitor IT Facilities; and what constitutes appropriate use by staff. It also covers the security of IT Facilities and Confidential Information and monitoring of IT Facilities if applicable.

Unlike some policies, the core obligations of the IT & Confidentiality Policy are contained in the Relevant Legislation, and not decided by the company.

Under-performance & Misconduct Policy – $500 inc GST

To maintain a high performing work force, it is important to understand that when there are issues around underperformance, or misconduct, if the issues are not managed and addressed in an appropriate and timely manner, it can lead to negative or unproductive outcomes for staff and the company.

The BAL Underperformance & Misconduct Policy covers topics relevant to the following Federal laws, depending on your location.

Complete Policy Suite – $2500 inc GST

Employment Policies are a vital part of any Human Resources frame work.

If you are just starting out, need a few policies to fill in the gaps, or would like a complete review and overhaul of your current policies, then this is the package for you.

The Complete Policy Suite is a package of 7 Policies that work together to protect your company and employees from some of the common issues that arise in business.

The Complete Policy Suite suits business of all sizes, and is adapted to your individual business.

For a custom package, please contact us to discuss your needs.