Social Media & Small Business Politics

Social media has irrevocably changed the way people communicate and do business. It allows individuals and businesses to engage in a multifarious communication and exchange of information and ideas in real time. That said, whilst social media is both convenient and readily accessible, there can be serious consequences for failing to appropriately manage its use, due simply to the inherent risks that exist in using a technology with such instantaneous impact.

The objective of social media is to create a dialogue with your existing and potential customers. Participation is imperative; having a passive social media “presence” is not generally enough to generate a positive business outcome. You need to understand the technology, have a plan for proactive engagement and be both energetic and consistent in your use of social media.

A business owners’ focus should be on developing and sustaining a great business and investing in its success. This calls for a broad vision and an open mind when it comes to marketing techniques. With a solid plan and proactive strategy, adding a social media approach can maximise your business’ market presence while (importantly) controlling the risks posed by potential breach of copyright or misleading representations. The most effective way to minimise the risk to your business is to have appropriate terms and conditions and disclaimers for your website.

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